Sutherland Estate

A place we like to visit when in Victoria is Sutherland Estate, a vineyard in the Yarra Valley, Victorias oldest wine region (with about 3.600 ha of vineyards and a production of about 19.000 tonnes of grapes) on the way to Yea and the Upper Goulburn Wine Region. Sutherland Estate is a family owned boutique vinyard on a beautifully located property with bushland and hills where herds of kangaroos graze peacefully. The views from the cellar door/tasting room are stunning. We love the modern architecture and the setting. There are four vineyard blocks with a total of about 10 acres under vines, mainly Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and cabernet Sauvignon. New planting include Tempranillo and Gewuerztraminer. The first Tempranillo was released only recently; however, I had no opportunity as yet to taste the new wine. I particularly like their 2002 Shiraz but also the fresh Chardonnay and the Rose which make great drinking in summer.

The photos below show my family enjoying the tasting while in Australia in July/August this year. If you visit Victoria next spring or summer, I recommend you check out this wonderful place (

The Two Hills “tasting crew” visiting Sutherland Estate

Sutherland Estate wines

The breathtaking views from the Cellar Door

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