Melbourne’s water supply

September 10, 2009

When I read in the Age that Melbourne is planning to take 10 billion litres (which covers the city consumption for about 10 days only) from the Thompson River to make up for the shortfall which cannot be covered from the Yarra River, I was not impressed. The Labour government is desperate.

The interview of Tim Holding, the Victorian Water Minister, which Plug the Pipe has on its website is revealing. The North-South pipeline is completed ahead of schedule but there is no water. The conclusion I draw from it is, the Minister should change jobs before it is too late. The state’s water policy is a mess.

The cartoon below (from Plug the Pipe) summarises the situation. Whereever Melbourne turns to these days for water: there is none. There is hope though: elections are around the corner (2010).

Cartoon N-S Pipelineweb

Plug the pipe – Unpopular View

June 6, 2009

I have written about the stupidity of the Brumby governments water policy in Victoria on this blog before. Surfing the net today I found a wonderful video on Plug the Pipe by a young man who summarised and assessed the Victorian Labour governments blunder. Great job I find. We farmers will pay the price and so will the Victorian taxpayer.

Watch this, it’s a great video. Congratulations. Similar things happen all over the globe when urban policy makers screw country folks.