Two Hills Vineyard aerial picture

Our vineyard

Source: Google maps when searching for Two Hills Vineyard

My children provided me with the above picture. Unfortunately I do not know where they got it from. Sorry for that.

The road on the right, is Two Hills road and the gum trees lining it. On the left side from the road one can see our two dams, the two vineyards (between the dams and right from the dam on the right). Also the shed can be identified. The white “lines” around the different blocks are from my slashing with the tractor. Also my windbreak can be seen (left line leading to the creek).

Looking at this shot, makes me terribly homesick.

Our next visit will be the highlight of the year for us.

2 Responses to Two Hills Vineyard aerial picture

  1. Thomas Weber says:

    Hallo Rainer,

    superschön, dass du wieder “bloggst”!!! Welcome back 😉

    Liebe Grüße an Margit + die jungen Ladies

    Thomas + Birgit

  2. Hallo Rainer, meine Frau und ich sind ab dem 2.7. fuer ca. eine Woche in Bangkok. Wuerde mich freuen, wenn wir uns als gemeinsame Ex-Trierer treffen koennten…meine email Adresse: Oliver

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