Fifth Leg – 2010 Semillion Sauvignon Blanc from Western Australia

On a hot summers day somewhere in the Canadian wilderness, a wine drinker needs somthing nice. The LCBD or government booze distributor in Ontario does not carry a very large sortiment of wines, usually industrial ones, which means large and very large wineries offer their wares.

2010 Fifth Leg Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

However, we enjoyed the drink. It was a pleasant wine indeed. I found interesting what the label said.

I quote from the label

“An abundance of snow peas and passion fruit hit the nose with fragrance blossom and freshly muddled lime”

“A generous palate with intense lychee and passion fruit finishes with a crisp apple crunch”.

I never knew that I loved “muddled lime” and “apple crunch” is also something of another world to me.

The label tells the story about the fifth leg

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