Gérard Eyraud – Domaine de Rapatel

My newest treasure

When I got home the other day from a week long business trip, the two boxes of wine by Gérard Eyraud were already waiting for me.

I told you that we had attended a wine tasting at Lake House and that we just loved the wines presented to us by Gérard.

Grand Signature de Rapatel – the Roussanne – Bourboulenc blend.

The Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre blend

The Syrah – vine de table/table wine

More about these wines later, maybe even some tasting notes. Stay tuned.


One Response to Gérard Eyraud – Domaine de Rapatel

  1. Mike Prime says:

    I ahve been trying to get hold of the wines of Gérard Eyraud since a Dutch friend visited Domaine de Rapatel, met Gérard and was very impressed. I found yr website via Google and was delighted to see that you live in Bangkok. I am married to a Thai who runs her own Thai restaurant with the family in Merton Park, London. I, for my sins, work in Nigeria but get home often enough to revise & update the restaurant winelist. Please keep writing!
    Yours aye

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