A new tractor for Two Hills Vineyard

During our family vacation, we were also looking for a new tractor. Our old FIAT tractor had broken down some time ago. We were searching the internet for a while for a used tractor but we were either too late or the right machine did not come up.

Therefore, we looked for new equipment. First we had our eyes on a Kubota from Japan but then fellow vintners suggested to have a look at a Korean brand: Daedong. I had never heard of Daedong before. At Rees Miller Estate we had the opportunity to inspect a one-year old 55 hp Daedong cabin tractor with a frontloader.

We asked for a couple of quotation, and to cut a long story short, decided to go with the Korean Daedong. The photos below show the vineyard tractor with 55 hp plus frontloader.



Until it is beeing delivered, we have to sort out the finances but I am confident that we will get our Daedong tractor so that I can work with it during our next visit.


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