Five months after the bush fires

July 17, 2009


Forest near Glenburn

Nature is amazing. The landscape around Glenburn looks almost normal. The paddocks are green and the winter sun is warming the earth. But the scares from the fires are everywhere. We hear terrible stories from neighbours and friends.


Driving through the area makes you sad. Amazing, that not everything burned and vanished in the flames. One finds burned out homes next to fully intact ones. Many of the burned gum tress show new signs of live. The splendid winter sun makes everything more bearable. We pray for the 173 people who lost their lives in the fires.

Much of the debris had been cleared up already. Fences have been rebuilt, sheds are under construction, burned out places have been cleared up. Where the Glenburn pub once stood, there is an empty space right now. Nothing left.



No pub any more

Question: What flower can you find in the southern hemisphere in July?
Answer: Daffodils
Signs of hope. Life goes on.