Impressions from Two Hills Road, Glenburn


Road sign at the turn-off from the Melba Highway

This week a blistering heat wave is going through Victoria, the worst in the last 100 years. Temperatures will be as high as 40 to 42 degrees Celsius. The grapes are at risk to shrivel and loose bunch weight, and many of the vines will suffer, but hopefully we will not loose the fruit.


Vineyard with the two hills in the background

Just two weeks ago, the grass in some paddocks was still green and we experienced one of the coldest Christmas in the last five years.


The Chardonnay block needs slashing but the vines look good.


The one year old Chardonnay vines look very healthy


Beautiful hay

Our neighbour Hilary at the end of Two Hills Road had the best hay ever and harvested 600 bales.

The native plants around the house flowered beyond belief.




And the people were merry and in a celebratory mood.


Tables are set for food and drink


Lucy, Michael, Helen, Charlotte and Margit

Hope you join us one day. Cheers

One Response to Impressions from Two Hills Road, Glenburn

  1. Barbara Matindas says:

    “Hope you join us one day…..” How I would LOVE to do that … some day. Cheers, Barbara.

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