A secret revealed: So sorry!

I am so sorry, honestly. But the day we moved into our new apartment in Thonglor, Bangkok, our local supermarket promoted German food items and other German products (what an auspicious day!).

So I had to disappoint my friend Thomas (also a man from the Mosel) who suggested a very fine sparkling wine for the “move-in event”. I am not so sure what exactly he suggested in terms of sparkling that I should have gotten.

But instead, we only had something “ordinary”, I guess that’s what you would call it, a ‘Fuerst von Metternich’, a German Sekt, as sparkling is called in my native land.

Needless to say, we were very enthusiastic when we finally moved into our new apartment which is destined to become our new home for some years to come.

Thomas rest assured we had a great time.

Hurrah we have a new home and we feel very comfortable there.


PS: Given the current political turmoil in Bangkok, I am not so sure how long we will enjoy our new home. Fingers crossed.

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