Cheers guys – The Man from Mosel River is back

November 22, 2008


I am back in Bangkok after some extended business trips to Beijing, the Thai country side near Khao Yai and Kuala Lumpur. There was no time at all for blogging during these days (10 days with no entry! which is half a lifetime for a blogger); often I had no internet access at all. Anyway I was so busy that no opportunity arose for writing or composing a blog entry.

It feels very strange now. When I look back. Not writing, I feel so removed from the world, so cut off. The urge to get back is strong but somehow I also lost the thread. It is amazing that ‘blogging’, an activity nobody knew anything about a couple of years ago, has become such a major part of my private life, such a passion and such a joy (and a learning experience).

As I jot down these lines, my family just walked into the door and my daughters peeped over my shoulder to get a glimpse at my newest blog entry. ‘Daddy is blogging’ has become something generally appreciated.