Bye bye Europe – welcome home in Jakarta

It was the last time that we should return to our home in Jakarta after a summer holiday in Europe. We are moving countries. After ten years in beautiful Indonesia we are packing up all our belongings. A new beginning awaits us in Bangkok/Thailand.

You can imagine that the emotions of our various family members are on a roller coaster, it ranges from one extreme to the other, varies between the sadness of leaving everything behind to the euphoria of a new beginning in another place.

The hectic of the preparations related to administrative and organizational matters pertaining to the move will not allow me to share with you all the exciting things I experienced in German and Portuguese wineries. I will try to slip in here and there some short notes and some of the many pictures we took on the way. More might come somehow someday.

Please bear with me.

The Mosel valley and its vineyards near Schweich with the “wine villages” of Riol (left) and Longuich, photo taken from the freeway opposite Mehring in August 2008

One Response to Bye bye Europe – welcome home in Jakarta

  1. susannah16 says:

    Leaving taking is always hard. It’s wonderful to have had such a good experience that you are sad to leave. Thailand will be exciting…..

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