Lunch at the Yarra Valley Dairy

Our car had broken down and therefore we had time for some holiday activity and therefore we had lunch at the Yarra Valley Dairy. The Dairy ( is just outside the country town of Yarra Glen between Yering and Coldstream. It’s a great place to visit. Works are under way to extend it. Apart from various cheeses, all made on the premises with locally produced milk, there is a wide range of products on offer such as marmelades, relishes, condiments and country kitchen ware. The Dairy also houses the Wine Hub about which I am going to write another day.


The inside of the Yarra Valley Dairy

Anyway, we were stranded so to say and hungry. We ordered two cheese platters and the adults among us had a glas of an earthy Yarra Valley Pinot Noir. Doesn’t the platter look delicious? We had a selection of breads with it. Needless to say that we bought some of the delicacies for home consumption. If you visit the Yarra Valley, the Dairy is a “must visit/must see” item on your itinerary.


One of the cheese platters

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