Korean home style cooking – 비빔밥

I am back to my recent Korean experience. Apart from the fine dining at expensive restaurants, I had also the chance of “home style cooking kind of food”. One of them is Bibimbap (비빔밥), which literally means mixed rice. The photos below show you what you can expect.

Frankly speaking I was very apprehensive when I saw what was put in front of me. The metal bowl put me right off. But, boy, this was a delicious meal, I tell you. You should definitely try it, if you visit Korea.


Every Korean meal starts with various kind of Kimchi, which are usually very tasty. The metal bowl for the Bibimbap was next. We mixed everything right through. It was a strange feeling, I must say.

The next dish was a soup.

The metal bowl for Bibimbap

Mixed in with noodles or rice

The soup

Korean beef on table grill

The beef was very tender. We wrapped it the Korean way in sesame leaves with garlic and chili paste. Just the right stuff for someone like me whose taste buds have become used to hot dishes.

Fresh sesame leaves

Meat on leaf

Makgeolli (막걸리) from a plastic bottle

We washed the food down with Korean beer and “makgeolli” (막걸리) the fermented drink on a rice-wheat basis and low alcohol (max. 7%).

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